How do I authenticate my users on the WindTunnel service?

    Access to our servers is defined by a virtual server. Virtual servers provide customized access parameters like Bandwidth Limits, Download limits, Number of Connections, Welcome Messages, etc. and can be keyed off of the following criteria:

    1. IP address blocks - For a defined set of IP addresses, if an incoming connection matches that block, they will be assigned the corresponding Virtual Server.

    2. Username/password - With username and password, each user can be given their own virtual server parameters.

    3. Domain name - *.customer.com could be matched just like an IP block. Reverse DNS lookup must exist and be reliable and fast.

    4. Custom dns hashing - If you were to give out hostnames based on a unique attribute of your user, say the MAC address, then we could decode that on our side provided the lookup mechanism was reliable and fast. For example, suppose 1098abefdcab.dhcp.ISP.com could be reliably decoded as a known mac address, then we could key off that.

    What does Highwinds offer?

    Highwinds Media offers the best in outsourcing for Internet Service Providers looking for a full service solution for their Usenet needs. Highwinds Media also offers full and partial news feeds. You can view the full list of Highwinds products and services by visiting Highwinds.com.

    Why should I choose Highwinds Media?

    Highwinds Media leads the Usenet community with an unmatched quality of service. Operating in multiple datacenters across the country to provide the fastest most complete Usenet service helps us provide you the service you expect and deserve. Our networking partnerships and scaleable software harness economies of scale and savings passed on to you.

    How do I contact Highwinds Media for sales information?

    You can reach our sales department by filling out a sales information form. They will be glad to answer all your outsourcing questions our set you up with a demo account on the system.

    How do I contact Highwinds Media for support?

    Obtaining support from knowledgeable Highwinds Media staff members is as easy as filling out a simple support form. A support representative will respond to your issues in an orderly fashion.

    My users are getting the error "480 Authentication Requested", what should I do?

    This error indicates that users on your system are located in an IP block not recognized by our system. Please fill out a support form including the IP block in which the user in questions is coming from in CIDR form.

    How do I get groups added my users are requesting?

    Please fill out a support form requesting the groups you wish to have added.

    How should I tell my users to connect to the Highwinds Media servers?

    CNAME news.yourcompany.com to news.highwinds-media.com in your DNS records to allow your users to connect directly to your domain name.

    What are your policies for adding new newsgroups?

    New groups will be added upon request as long as they are not listed on our banned groups list.

    How do I report illegal or abusive content?

    You can report abusive content by filling out an abuse form. Please refer to the DMCA information page to find out more about illegal content and how to take actions against it.

    What is your retention?

    You can check retention for popular groups here.

    How is Bandwidth calculated and billed?

    See our bits policy.

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