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Owning and operating the original software other technologies are built off of, we work with you to provide Usenet service for your customers... under your full control.

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ISP Service

With experience working with large-scale ISP clients like AT&T, Bell Canada, Virgin Media, Ziggo, and more, we provide outsourced Usenet access to millions of users.

Our services are built to manage hundreds of thousands simultaneous connections with unlimited scalability, massive hosting, distribution, and storage systems using NNTP and HTTP protocols for universal distribution. With services located on multiple continents, we deliver traffic using both peered and transit connections for the very best customer experience.

With a Tier One global backbone for the fastest content delivery and decades of archived Usenet articles, we own and operate a massive, global network as one of the largest CDNs worldwide.

If you’re looking to efficiently build and integrate your business into new platforms of success, we can find a solution for you.

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Operating the largest NNTP platform in the world, spanning over 250+ PB, we are proud to support a strong backbone of the public’s most popular Usenet resellers.

We understand that the daily growth of Usenet feeds means starting your own NNTP service is expensive. With multiple redundant systems, we can help you easily resell or whitelabel your Usenet service.

Some of the reasons Usenet resellers love us include our speeds, uptime, connection reliability, data centers on several continents, and reseller-friendly custom services. When you team up with us, your customers will benefit from our fast speeds and your personal service.

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Enterprise & Infrastructure

With 38 years of experience, advancing global content delivery is our mission. Through our 10,000+ servers and Usenet farms in 3 international cities, we ensure that millions of active users benefit from fast and consistent Usenet access.

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